aa Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed


Scholar, scientist, inventor, historian, legislator, Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed is the founder patron of this Encyclopedia. It was his vision to compile a history of Islam from a global perspective, transcending the traditional emphasis on the Middle East. He wrote a two volume treatise, “Islam in Global History…From the Death of the Prophet Muhammed to the First World War” which was serialized in the Minaret Magazine in New York during 1995-1997 and then published by Suhail Academy in Lahore, Pakistan. The book has also been translated into Urdu and published by the Urdu academy in Bangalore, India.

Dr. Ahmed holds a PhD from Cornell University, Ae.E from the California Institute of Technology, MS also from Caltech, MBA from Rider University and BE from the University of Mysore. A brilliant student throughout his career, he is fondly known as “Rank Nazeer” in his native land. He is the director of the American Institute of Islamic History and Culture and also serves on the boards of the World Organization for Resource Development and Education in Washington, DC and HMS Institute of Technology in India. He is an inventor and holds 12 United States patents on spaced based lasers, energy conversion and advanced manufacturing technologies. A space scientist by training, he was a Principal Engineer on the Hubble Space Telescope and was a Team Leader on the Lunar Land Rover, Apollo, Saturn and Space Surveillance projects. He has published scores of scientific articles and has chaired international conferences on high pressure physics. He was an elected member of the Legislative Assembly in Bangalore, India (1977) and has lectured around the world on Islamic History and Science.

Dr. Ahmed is a philanthropist and for decades has supported scholarship programs for needy children and has also built mosques and schools. He was the architect of a unique religious complex near Bangalore which has attracted wide acclaim for its fusion of geometry and spirituality.

Dr. Ahmed is well versed in several languages and has traveled widely in Asia, Europe and Africa. He received his training in Arabic from Molvi Abdul Quddus Qudsi and has remained a keen student of Qur’anic sciences throughout his life. In the year 2000, he met the eminent Shaikh Mohammed Nazim al Haqqani al Qabrasi of Cyprus and Turkey of the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order and received deep spiritual insights from his sohbets. Dr. Ahmed’s book, What Makes Us Human…A Spiritual Perspective was published in 1998 . His lasting achievement is a translation of the  Qur’an into easy to read modern American English. The translation was worked on for a period of ten years and was published in 2011. It has earned the commendation of noted ulema from India and has been read on the internet by over 300,000 people around the world.

The compilation of an ambitious work like an encyclopedia is a multi-generation effort. It is the hope of Dr. Ahmed that the effort will continue with contributions from scholars, especially those of future generations.

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